A fresh approach to the power of dance - BE RAW. Professional & positive dance lessons available (private instruction, wedding & flash mob choreography).
Dance, Denver, Lessons, Choreography, Instruction, Wedding Dance, Flash Mob
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spread light / find refuge / experience conscious gravity / be present


Focused on awakening the dancer’s facility, shaping placement and shining the essence within.

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The Mission

The Mission

We are to nurture and enlighten the soul through the earnest integrity of dance, movement and mindfulness. It is through the artistic journey where we discover our creative heart’s song, awaken conscious movement, find self-expression and enkindle our authenticity.

The Foundation

The Foundation

One must tend to the soil and seed before the ground is ready to bear any crop. Once a dancer’s foundation has been properly constructed, harvesting technique and steadfast artistry will ensue authentically. Our methodologies coalesce ballet technique, yoga, resistance & strength training and fascial tension release- constructing the dancer’s muscular structure from the inside to achieve optimal placement.

The Theory

The Theory

Absent of a developed prefrontal cortex, the child and adolescent brain learn best in creative and multi-sensory environments where artistic expression of emotion and community interaction are at the forefront. Training includes mindfulness and EQ focus, exceeding beyond the wellness in the body; reaching mind and spirit.


If art is consistently evolving and always changing with the time, your training should too. Being an artist is a lifetime commitment.

learning is never ending / preparation is incessant

Growth is limitless.

Artistry and skill have no end point. You are never done. Always a student. Forever hungry for more.