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A fresh approach to the power of dance - BE RAW. Professional & positive dance lessons available (private instruction, wedding & flash mob choreography).
Dance, Denver, Lessons, Choreography, Instruction, Wedding Dance, Flash Mob
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RAWK Firefly Mentorship Coaching

Love is what you experience when you are in alignment with the whole of who you are.



Who is this program for?

Children and adolescent program, ages 3-24.

Adult program, ages 25+.


What does it entail?

Mentorship coaching one-on-one sessions.

*Methodologies will vary depending on the stage in cognitive development of the individual.


Key Concepts Actualized in Program:

Emotional Awareness
Exploration and identification of the psychophysiological experience of individual’s state of mind and frequency of being as it is interacting with internal and external influences and stimulants.

Responsibility and ownership of choice
Cause and effect, as it relates to creation of conscious choice. Developing and redirecting RAS (reticular activating system) to create, produce and apply mindful choice in response to circumstances.

Reaching a state of homeostasis, where individual has the ability to regulate the complex psychophysiological experiences and processes to maintain balance internally, regardless of external circumstances and stimulants.

Safe Space

In a world of permanency, where everything is recorded, digital and in the cloud, sessions are an opportunity to pause. In this safe space, mentees are supported, heard and loved throughout every chapter in their story.

As mentees move through each cognitive stage of development, the process of key concept integration will include unconscious incompetency, conscious incompetency, conscious competency and unconscious competency.


The journey of conscious awareness and empowerment gifts us the experience of genuine relationship with our inherent dignity of who we are and how our soul’s signature is intertwined into everything we do. Through a variety of modalities, we will explore mindful choice, joy and harmony as pillars to stand in our authenticity. In this paradigm, we will build the framework of sustainable health and well-being in mind, body and spirit.


How often?

The sessions are progressive, and the experiential concepts are realized to the degree for which they are unfolded. The concepts are introduced, learned and applied in a cumulative process, where new awareness and learning builds upon the knowledge acquired in a previous stage. The more often these concepts are exercised per month allows for deeper application, integration into habitual routine and accountable alignment in behavioral reality.


Session Biology
Sessions will guide participants to a theta brain state, leaving them in a deep, relaxed, creative and focused state. Whether it is work, studying, family engagement, chores, sporting activity, rest or even sleep for the evening, the sessions will significantly prepare, enrich and advance the brain and physiology in these pursuits for better results. Sessions are not intended to be another activity that will add to the list of commitments in the calendar, rather a practice to evolve the brain and inner ecosystem to a state of homeostasis. The more it is practiced, the more participants will witness, feel and experience results in every other activity, relationship, school & work, sport and period of rest in their life.